IE Q tag fix


Internet Explorer does not support the <q> tag, which is a real pain. This Java Script hacks makes it work in IE.

This is not the only solution, a lot has been written about this:

My solution

You can download the code here. It is listed below and explanation follows:

startUp() is simply my function for collecting all onload events in one place. In this case it checks to see if the browser is IE, puts in a plug for FireFox, and then calls fixQtag();

fixQtag() is where the real work is done. This finds all <q> tags and wraps the contents in smart quotes.

BrowserDetectObj() this is a nifty object written by Quirksmode. I have refactored it so that I can use the var obj = new ObjName() syntax.


This sentence uses the <q> This sentence does not. This sentence has a nested <q> tag.

To Do: