2002 Pictures
This shows our battery, servo, receiver, speed control, motor (under the yellow cowling). All in place. These were the only electronics on the vehicle.
Out Tools
Here we are building the hood. Much the construction was done with a very limited set of tools. The Dremel tool did almost all our cutting, we couldn't have done it without the vice grips.
This is the early stages of the hood. The yellow nose is a paper mockup we made to help us judge size and angles for the plexiglass pieces.
Unpainted Frame
This is the frame before it was painted. As you can see the body is all plexiglass except for th PVC cowling, and aluminum angle bracing.
Hood and Cowling
Here is the painted hood cowling. Sorry I cut the nose off. The notch in the top of the hood is where the power cable ran up to the motor. The smaller part of cowling covered up this cable.